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IGF-1 DES is a peptide that consists of 67 amino acids and secreted by the liver. IGF-1 DES stimulates hormones by the highly anabolic structure. Develop your physical performance and your muscle growth with IGF-1 DES. You can buy IGF-1 DES online from shopeptides.com. IGF-1 DES for sale. This is a high-quality online research peptides source to buy IGF-1 DES.

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What is the IGF-1 DES peptides?

IGF-1 DES is a peptide that consists of 67 amino acids and secreted by the liver.IGF-1 DES stimulates hormones by the highly anabolic structure. Develop your physical performance and your muscle growth with IGF-1 DES. 

Synonyms: Recombinant Human Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Des(1-3) Receptor Grade

CAS NO.:  112603-35-7
Molecular formula: C319H501N91O96S7
Molecular weight: 7371.4 g/mol
Peptide purity: > 99.0%
Appearance: White powder
Bacterial Endotoxins: ≤ 2EU/mg
Source: Chemical Synthesis

IGF-1 DES for Athletes and Bodybuilders

IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) is a remarkable anabolic hormone that is an excellent addition to PED cycling regimes for bodybuilders and athletes. IGF-1 DES is a peptide which is recommended for its strength compared to other cast IGF restricting proteins which adjust the live actions of IGF-1. IGF-1 DES for sale. The protein is a top-notch operator in research works which is utilized in studies of cell development, IGF receptors, and IGF restricting proteins. Buy IGF-1 DES online from us.

How Does IGF-1 DES Work?

When it comes to IGF-1 in action, it shares many traits with HGH (Human Growth Hormone). IGF-1 DES varies from IGF1 in the amount of amino acid it constitutes. With a chain of 67 amino acids, three are divided according to the impact on the human body. IGF-1 DES is more biologically dynamic adding cellular development and tissue growth in the body including the tendon, muscle and neurological building impacts.

Results and Benefits

IGF-1 DES has a lot of benefits to users. First and foremost, the peptide provides mental boost as it gives cognitive advantages in members through excitatory neurotransmitters –which enables communication between a neuron and other cells in the body– of the hippocampus which is just a part of the limbic framework that is composed of a short-term memory and long-haul memory issue such as Alzheimer sickness.

Site-specific injections that make use of IGF-1 DES for sale are convenient and affordable especially to bodybuilders who inject their muscles whenever they are about to start a workout. This is because high amounts of lactic acid accumulation cause the IGDF-1 DES receptors to be more inviting, hence, making the muscles more relaxed before engaging in the workout.

Other IGF-1 DES Benefits

IGF-1 DES has been identified as a delicate bind due to its short time period of 20-30 minutes. Its efficiency is good for specific infused regions, however, it doesn’t influence overall development. That is why it is important to distinguish the muscle bunches close to the targeted area so as to get the best results.

During training sessions, the peptide attaches to receptors twisted by lactic acid to enhance the development of tissue. This peptide has the power to heal injured tissue and enhance muscle development which results in improved physical performance.

For athletes who are in search of a fast solution to advance their muscles, IGF-1 DES is the way to go. It also offers solutions for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels) –which can result into side effects such as abnormal hunger, sweating, shakiness, ungainliness, slurred speech, disarray, loss of cognizance, seizures or demise.

IGF-1 DES Dosage

An IGF-1 DES dosage can be used at different times on a day at an average dose of 50-150 mcg. IGF-1 DES should be handled responsibly by ensuring the doses are controlled. Its efficiency depends less on the huge amounts provided, and more on the individual’s side effect to the research peptide. IGF-1 DES for sale at best price.

Reconstitution and Storage

As a general procedure, the manufacturer recommends reconstituting IGF-1 DES in sterile, distilled water, with light sonication if necessary. Mix 2ml of water and peptide together into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder. Never shake, but gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved. Lyophilized Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 DES although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored desiccated below -18°C. Upon reconstitution, IGF-1 DES should be stored at 4°C between 2-7 days and for future use below -18°C.

Where to Buy IGF-1 DES online, IGF -1 DES for sale.

You can buy IGF-1 DES online from shopeptides.com. IGF-1 DES for sale. This is a high-quality online research peptides source.

CAUTION: This product IGF-1 DES is NOT intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body. The sale of this product is restricted to research applications ONLY. This product is NOT for human consumption. This product can be harmful if ingested.

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