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Melanotan-2 belongs to a family of peptide hormones that induce pigmentation by interacting with the melanocortin-1 receptor in the skin. Its natural ligand a melanocyte-stimulating hormone (a-MSH) is secreted from the pituitary gland or from UV-B exposed keratinocytes melanocytes in the skin. Activation of the receptor leads to the production of melanin, resulting in a tan. You can buy Melanotan 2 online from We are professional research peptides supplier. Melanotan 2 for sale.

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What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan-2 belongs to a family of peptide hormones that induce pigmentation by interacting with the melanocortin-1 receptor in the skin. Its natural ligand a-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (a-MSH) is secreted from the pituitary gland or from UV-B exposed keratinocytes/melanocytes in the skin. Activation of the receptor leads to the production of melanin, resulting in a tan. Melanotan-2 is a derivative of a-MSH that also leads to activation of melanin production.

Numerous studies have shown that this peptide derivative can induce tanning in human volunteers who are known to tan easily. Recent studies have shown that Melanotan-1 can be combined with UV-B light to act synergistically in the tanning response.

Synonyms: MELANOTAN-II, MT-2, Afamelanotide, Melanotan II, Melanotan 2
CAS: 121062-08-6
Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9
Molecular weight: 1024.2
Peptide purity: > 98.0%
Appearance: White powder
Related substance: Total Impurities(%) ?? 2.0%
Acetate content:  15.0%
Bacterial Endotoxins: 5 IU/mg
Sequence: Ac-Nle-Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys-NH2(cyclic 2-7)
Source: Chemical Synthesis

How to Get Star-Tanned With Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2, also known as melanin or tanning injections, enhances the body’s melanocortin receptors.

Melanotan 2 (MT-2) is a peptide that has been synthetically manufactured to copy the body’s own natural hormone. Due to its consumption, the body’s melanocytes are stimulated to produce melanin which helps people tan. Melanotan 2 for sale today!

How Melanotan 2 Works

Melanin is the pigment that identifies one’s skin, hair color, and color of their eyes. The production of melanin is directed by pituitary glands by the polypeptide melanocortin which is a hormonal process. Once activated, the hormone is naturally produced by the specialized skin cells the melanocytes found in the upper layer of the skin.

The scientific name of tanning is melanogenesis tanning peptide is a type of peptide that stimulates the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is the body’s natural response to UV damage whose main purpose is darkening the skin to protect it from being damaged. During the natural ultrafast internal conversion, the melanin within the skin cells absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and converts them into heat, causing the skin to tan.

Melanotan 2, a synthetic melanocortin, copies this natural process and becomes a hormonal catalyst that stimulates the body’s skin cells to produce more melanin. This way, the skin remains protected without spending time in the sun.

Melanotan 2 Benefits

  • Minimal UV exposure by protecting the body against harmful UV radiation from the sun
  • Skin damage protection by protecting the user against sunburn
  • Limits damage to skin cells which may also lead to melanoma.
  • Has a lasting tan effect

Some companies falsely claim that Melanotan 2 can stop skin cancer but what it does is limit skin damage through the production of melanin and deep skin pigmentation in the form of a tan.

Melanotan 2 Side Effects

There are no long-term side effects of Melanotan 2 reported except post injection effects that disappear after a few days of taking a Melanotan 2 dosage. With time, the body starts to adjust to the peptide. These side effects include;

  • Hot flush in the face
  • Mild nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased libido

What to Do With MT-2 Lyophilized Powder?

Once the peptide has been reconstituted, it must be kept refrigerated. That is why Melanotan 2 is sold in lyophilized powder form which is then mixed with bacteriostatic water. This prevents bacteria from developing, hence, makes the peptide last longer. After reconstitution, it must be kept in the fridge.

What Is the Required Melanotan 2 (MT-2) Dosage?

Even though one can buy Melanotan 2 online in the form of pills and powder to be taken orally, stomach enzymes would destroy the peptide before it gets the chance to get absorbed. Pre-mixed Melanotan liquids will have difficulties with degrading peptides before being used. Therefore, Melanotan 2 is administered in the form of injections. Best price Melanotan 2 for sale.

How efficient the Melanotan 2 works in enhancing melanin production depends on factors such as the user’s skin type, body weight, how much they are exposed to UV rays and so on. That is why users are advised to start slowly as they build up the dosage.

They should begin with 250mkg doses a day, and slowly head up by taking an additional 250mkg a day for three days. On the fifth day, they will reach the 1mg a day until the level of tanning they prefer. Other experts recommend the dosage to be continued to maintain the tan.

Melanotan 2 Bodybuilding

Peptides consist of one or more amino acids with these protein-based building blocks playing a major role in how bodies function. Melanotan 2 for sale is now available at extremely competitive prices

MT-2 Dosage

Melanotan 2 tanning injections are the most effective methods of getting the peptides where they need to be to produce the best results. Luckily, insulin needles are very thin and short and, therefore, one can’t feel anything during the injection.

The injection site does not matter that much since there is no one site better than others, hence, use the one that is more comfortable to reach. After the injection product has been absorbed into the bloodstream, it spreads throughout the body evenly. Subcutaneous injection is done by pinching the skin loose from the muscle and raising it so the needle can be inserted in the fat layer of skin. The frequency of use, 500mcg Every 3 day.

Reconstitution of  MT-2

As a general procedure, the manufacturer recommends reconstituting Melanotan peptides in sterile, distilled water, with light sonication if necessary. Mix 2ml of water and peptide together into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder. Never shake, but gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved.

How do I store Melanotan 2

The manufacturer instructs that both mixed and unmixed vials of Melanotan II should be stored at refrigerator temperature at 2-8 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, mixed vials should be used within 2 months, while vials in powder form will remain stable for up to 1 year. To ensure no cross-contamination vials should always be stored away from food in an enclosed plastic satchel or container.

Where to Buy Melanotan 2 Peptide online, Melanotan 2 for sale

You can buy Melanotan 2 online from We are professional research peptides supplier. Melanotan 2 for sale.

CAUTION: Any questions about MT-2 peptide usage including, but not limited to bodybuilding, dosing, injections or cycling will be added to our DO NOT SELL LIST. This product is NOT intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body. The sale of this product is restricted to research applications ONLY. This product is NOT for human consumption. This product can be harmful if ingested.

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